Each U.S. Mosque Urged to Raise $1,000 for Ramadan Campaign


(WASHINGTON, D.C., 10/26/05) – “CAIR is calling on Islamic centers, mosques and Muslim organizations nationwide to do their part in supporting its important civil rights and advocacy work by raising at least $1,000 for the “$1 MILLION FOR ISLAM IN RAMADAN” annual fundraising drive. (Scholars say CAIR is able to receive Zakat.)

CAIR intends (inshallah) to raise the much needed $1 million during Ramadan, the month of giving, and culminating with the national fundraising dinner on December 3rd in Washington, D.C. Funds raised during the campaign will be used to protect the civil and religious rights of Muslims, defend against defamatory attacks on Muslims and Islam and promote greater understanding of Islam in our society. HOW YOUR DONATION HELPS CAIR?

* $25 will sponsor a copy the Holy Quran sent free-of-charge to Americans of all faiths interested in learning about Islam as part of CAIR’s “Explore the Quran” campaign. So far, 24,000 Qurans have been requested, but thousands of these requests await sponsors. Sponsor a Quran today. See: www.explorethequran.org.

* $100 will support CAIR’s Publications Department that prints and distributes thousands of free and low-cost booklets to educate American Muslims about their rights and responsibilities and educate fellow Americans about Islam and Muslims. CAIR’s free publications include the “Know Your Rights Pocket Guide,” and the “Muslim Community Safety Kit.” Other CAIR publications include a congressional guide, an annual civil rights report and a media relations handbook for Muslim activists.

* $250 will sponsor the compilation and distribution of CAIR’s “American Muslim News Briefs” for a day. CAIR’s news briefs are a must-read for Muslim activists and for media professionals and other opinion leaders. Preparing each brief requires hours of research and ongoing subscription to expensive Internet service providers and media research engines such as Nexis and Factiva. CAIR send 5-7 news briefs every week.

* $500 will sponsor the monthly cost of connecting the Muslim community with its political representatives through web-based tools such as Capwiz, an expensive by efficient benefit offered free on CAIR’s website. * $600 will sponsor a news conference to announce major American Muslim initiatives at places known to the media, such as the National Press Club. CAIR holds several such conferences each year to announce major news, including the release of its annual civil rights report. * $800 will sponsor an intern at CAIR for a month. CAIR has an ongoing program to train Muslim interns from across the nation in civil rights, media relations and political activism. * $1000 will sponsor a one-day workshop to offer similar training for Muslim activists and leaders.

* $2000 will support CAIR’s Civil Rights Department in dealing with the more than 1500 civil rights complaints received each year. Dealing with each case requires hours of hard work by CAIR’s civil rights professionals and lawyers. IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUESTED:

1. Organize a fundraising effort after Friday prayers at your mosque or center. Set a goal of at least $1,000. Explain why community support is so important to CAIR’s work.

2. Donate generously to the campaign yourself. Go to: http://www.cair.com/ramadan2005/

3. Ask all your friends, relatives and colleagues to donate and become members of CAIR.

4. SUBSCRIBE to CAIR-NET at: http://cair.biglist.com/cair-net (Urge people on your personal e-mail list to subscribe as well.)

– END –