Police Misconduct Project

CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights Department has launched its Police Misconduct Project to address complaints of Muslims being mistreated by the police. This project is currently being coordinated under Civil Rights intern, Hasan Ali.

The Police Misconduct Project will advise clients that whose cases that qualify to file their motions as quickly as possible with the certain organizations that can help; this includes the Illinois Human Rights Commission, the Chicago Human Rights Council, or directly with the Office of Professional Standards (specific to the Chicago Police Department).

Specifications for these cases must be met (such as cases must filed within 180 days), and the process may be timely, so it is important to report such incidents to CAIR-Chicago as soon as possible to best handle the complaint.

An example of this type of case reported to CAIR-Chicago is as follows:

A Muslim family, including a grand-mother in her sixties, were arrested when a local police officer found their young adolescent son playing with fireworks. A neighbor who witnessed the arrest said that the police officers were making racist comments towards the parents and grand-mother, who spoke little English, and using excessive force. “Learn to speak English” and “I’m sick of dealing with these people,” were heard by the neighbor to be uttered by the police officers as they were tackling the mother and grand-mother of the children to the ground to make the arrest.

This will be an ongoing project. For any questions, or to report an incident, please contact Civil Rights Coordinator, Christina Abraham, at civilrights@cairchicago.org.

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