CAIR-Chicago Files IDHR Complaint Alleging Retaliation

CAIR-Chicago has filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) alleging retaliation against a courthouse employee after the employee participated in an investigation regarding racist comments about Arabs and Muslims made by other courthouse employees.

Several of the courthouse employees were overheard making racist comments such as “The only good Arab is a dead Arab” by an Arab constituent conducting business at the courthouse.

The employee was retaliated against and threatened by co-workers when she refused to lie to investigators about the anti-Arab and anti-Muslim comments made by her co-workers after specifically being told to lie about the incident by her supervisors.

CAIR-Chicago was responsible for issuing the investigation into the conduct of the courthouse employees and will continue to advocate for an honest investigation into the matter as well as advocate on behalf of the employee that has suffered retaliation as a result of coming forward with the truth to investigators.

The complaint was filed after several attempts to follow up with investigators proved unproductive. CAIR-Chicago will continue to try to work with the County in order to resolve the issue, but will maintain the possibility of taking legal action if necessary.

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