The Wrong Response

Response to Chicago Tribune’s “Once Again, It’s the Economy, Stupide!”

There is a tendency in today’s world to blame a person’s actions on his or her background without looking for the effect of outside forces beyond an individual’s control. This tendency is highlighted well in Monica Prasad’s column, “Once again, it’s the economy, stupide!” (Nov. 11).

As Prasad proves, the unrest in France has more to do with its economic state than the religious beliefs and ethnicities of the rioters. Unemployment and living in slums will anger any person.

Unfortunately the reaction of the French government is to ignore reality and deal with fantasy. Its decision to expel any foreigners found guilty of participating in the protests does nothing to alleviate the tension. It will only further alienate the immigrant community which has been the target of much racism and religious discrimination.

France needs to take this opportunity to start a campaign to integrate all of its citizens, not to further animosities between the haves and the have-nots.