Kabab Corner Vandalism Being Investigated as a Hate Crime

The recent vandalism of the mosque inside of the Kabab Korner restaurant in Chicago’s Greektown is now being investigated as a hate crime.

The crime was initially being investigated as a criminal defacement of property by the Chicago Police Department. After CAIR-Chicago contacted the local FBI and the Chicago Police Department’s Hate Crimes Unit, they were informed that the vandalism had been upgraded to a hate crime investigation.

“Viva Mexican. Isan Diablo” was written 30 times in the mosque used by many Muslims to pray. “Diablo” in Spanish means “devil”, and “Isan” may be a misspelling of “Islam.” Qurans and other religious materials were placed into trash bags and the pulpit used to preach Friday prayer sermons was thrown over on its side.

CAIR-Chicago will continue to monitor the investigation and work to see that the vandals are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

For a recent article in the Chicago Tribune regarding the vandalism, go to: Chicago Tribune: Restaurant, Mosque Near Loop Defaced

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