Press Release: Local Muslim Reaction: US Monitors Mosques for Nuclear Bombs

CHICAGO (12/23/2005) – U.S. officials have secretly monitored radiation levels at Muslim sites, including mosques and private homes, since September 11, 2001 as part of a top secret program searching for nuclear bombs, U.S. News and World Report said on Friday.

The Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is available comments. Media personnel (Radio, TV, Newspapers) may call CAIR-Chicago Director of Communications, Ahmed Rehab at 847 971 3963 or CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, Yaser Tabbara at 312 718 3725 for a Chicago Muslim reaction.

“The US Constitution was framed to govern the land and its people not just in times of ease but also in times of hardship. National Security is a top priority for Muslim-Americans as it is for every US citizen, we believe there are ways to institute effective security measures without breaking constitutional laws,” said Yaser Tabbara, Executive Director.

“Mosques are places of worship, not nuclear warehouses. Terrorists do not have access to our mosques, they are not welcome in our communities; naturally, they operate underground. American Mosques are not underground facilities; as such we abhor the insinuations created by the decision to monitor Mosques for nuclear radiation. It is high time officials learned to differentiate between the vibrant open community that is Muslim-Americans and the underworld of organized crime that is al-Qaeda,” said Ahmed Rehab, Director of Communications.


CONTACT: Yaser Tabbara, 312-718-3725; Ahmed Rehab, 847-971-3963