Yaser Tabbara Meets with Obama and Durbin Staff

A group of peace activist met with the Chief of Staff of Senator Richard Durbin and senior staff members of Senator Obama at Senator Durbin’s office on to mark the 1,000th day of U.S. occupation of Iraq. There was a telecommunications link to their Washington offices as well. The delegation was organized by Kevin McDermott from the Oak Park Coalition for Truth & Justice and was comprised of the Salman Aftab of the Afghan News Network; James Thindwa, Executive Director of Jobs for Justice; Margaret Jackson from the American Friends Service Committee; Chris Pierson from the United Methodist Church; Rich Pokorny from the Oak Park Unity Temple; Yaser Tabbara and few others. The delegation presented their points of view on the situation in Iraq advocating a speedy, responsible and complete withdrawl of US troops from Iraq.

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