Help Defend the Image of Prophet Muhammad

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 2/2/2006) – CAIR today called on imams and khatibs nationwide to offer Friday khutbas focusing on the significance of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to Muslims worldwide.

That call comes as newspapers in Europe continue to publish intentionally provocative and insulting cartoons of the prophet, and Muslims worldwide express their outrage through boycotts and protests. Some media outlets, such as CNN have made an editorial decision not to show the cartoons.

CNN wrote: “CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons in respect for Islam.” SEE: Storm Grows over Mohammad Cartoons

Proposed Outline of Khutbah for Friday February 3, 2006

* What the Prophet Muhammad means to Muslims
* Aspects of the prophet’s personality
* The Messenger and the message
* Ignorance fuels adverse reactions to the prophet’s message
* How the Prophet Muhammad dealt with personal attacks – Precluding punishment for the people of Taif
– Offering kindness to abusive neighbors
– Offering amnesty to former enemies in Mecca
* Ignorance can only be countered by education and personal examples of good character
* The prophet’s love, mercy, good manners, and educational approach turned foes into friends
* Turn these defamatory incidents into a learning opportunity.
* Share information about the prophet with your neighbors of other faiths.

Representatives of the CAIR met today with the Norwegian ambassador to the United States to express Muslim concerns about publication in Norway of the cartoons that mocked the Prophet Muhammad.


1. OFFER SERMONS THIS FRIDAY highlighting how the Prophet Muhammad responded to personal attacks with forgiveness and kindness.

2. SCHEDULE PUBLIC EVENTS such as lectures, movies and mosque open houses focusing on the life and message of the Prophet Muhammad.

3. SHARE BOOKS and other materials about the prophet with friends and colleagues of other faiths.

4. BECOME A PERSONAL EXAMPLE of good character as instructed by the Prophet Muhammad.

5. THANK CNN for their decision not to publish the cartoons. Go to:



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