WGN-TV: Ohio Men Indicted on charges of Terrorism


….Illinois Democrat [Senator Dick Durbin] says he’s gratified to hear that prosecutors nabbed the terror suspects with the apparent cooperation of members of the Muslim American community.

SENATOR DICK DURBIN: “We have to realize that most of these folks are good Americans who will cooperate with us and try to keep this country safe for them and for us”

AHMED REHAB: “we have to be very vigilant of any suspicious activity and we have to respond to that; at the same time, we have to remember that ‘innocent until proven guilty’ stands its course even in a post 9/11 climate”

The Man you just heard from Ahmed Rehab is with the Council on American Islamic Relations. He says he is not surprised to hear of the cooperation of community members, he says he’s never heard of the men who’ve been indicted in terror charges and that he’s certainly not aware of any training recruits in Chicago.

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