CAIR-Chicago Participates in Public Truth Hearing for Muhammad Salah

CAIR-Chicago was present for a Public Truth Hearing on behalf of Muhammad Salah, the Bridgeview man being indicted based on confessions he signed while under torture by the Israeli army approximately 10 years ago. Approximately 40 people were present as a panel of attorneys addressed issues of confessions obtained through torture.

Speakers included G. Flint Taylor from the People’s Law Office, the firm representing Muhammad Salah, Robert Schulz from Amnesty Internation, a statement from Salah’s wife, Maryam Salah, and CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Coordinator Christina Abraham read the affidavit of Mohammed Salah. The panel discussion was moderated by civil rights attorney Jim Finnerty.

The event was organized by the Coalition to Protect People’s Rights, a coalition of community based, civil rights, and human rights organizations.

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