Media Advisory: Loyola University Students Unite in Protest of Controversial Speaker

(Chicago, IL 3/22/2006) – On Thursday, March 23, 2006, the Loyola Student Coalition Against Bigotry (LSCAB) is holding a peaceful rally and rebuttal against controversial speaker Ann Coulter, who is scheduled to speak about “Liberal Lies about the Conservative Right” on the Loyola Lakeshore campus at 7pm, that same day. The LSCAB event, entitled “United Together Against Hate,” will be held directly outside her speech venue at Loyola’s Halas Field beginning at 5pm.

What: United Together Against Hate – The Ann Coulter Counter Event
When: Thursday, March 23, 2006, 5PM – 7PM (Contact us for a full itinerary of speakers/time)
Where: Loyola Lakeshore Campus – Loyola’s Halas Field
Who: Loyola Student Coalition against Bigotry (LSCAB) & A Host of Chicago Activists

Ann Coulter, who was invited by the Loyola College Republicans, is a highly controversial speaker, whose rhetoric directly marginalizes people of color, women, immigrants, homosexuals, Muslims, Middle-Easterners, and the poor. Her message does not reflect any of the ideals of the university’s Jesuit Catholic tradition, which values diversity, learning, justice, community, and faith. Yet, she is being provided with $22,500 from the Loyola’s Students’ Activity Fund, despite a petition signed by more than 1000 Loyola students and countless efforts to try to rescind Coulter’s invitation.

The LSCAB, a coalition of many diverse groups on campus, including the Loyola Anti-War Network, the Muslim Students’ Association, Hillel, Amnesty International, Loyola Students Against Sweatshops, the Feminist Forum, the South Asian Students’ Alliance, the Turkish International Club, and the Loyola Vegan Society, is uniting with the support of external groups, such as Illinois Peace Action, Voices for Creative Non-Violence, Military Families Speak Out, the World Can’t Wait campaign, the West Suburban Faith-Based Peace Coalition, Fox Valley Citizens for Peace, and the SPACE Collective, to take a stand against Coulter’s message of hate and bigotry.

Together, they wish to provide an alternative for students and an outlet for more tolerant opinions. The LSCAB also wishes to uphold the standards and values that they believe are the foundation of the university. As Americans, we champion freedom of speech, however, that freedom should not be exploited on a campus by outside forces whose agenda marginalizes and demonizes many of our very own students on the premises of their second home.

The counter event will include speakers who will represent a variety of different perspectives on issues of race, gender, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, etc. These include Ahmed Rehab from the Chicago Office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Bishop Wilkowski from the Church of the Holy Family, Ginger Williams from Military Families Speak Out, and many more. Food will also be served, and entertainment provided.

CONTACT: Ellen Rebman, Coordinator, Loyola Student Coalition Against Bigotry (LSCAB) Phone: 630-267-0574; or Farah Khan 847-722-2355

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