CAIR-Chicago Co-Sponsors Event on Torture

CAIR-Chicago co-sponsored a public forum on torture, entitled: Torture: Immoral, Illegal and Ineffective. The panel of human rights experts featured: Anthony Ibeagha, a torture survivor from Nigeria, Joseph Margulies the lead counsel in the Supreme Court case involving the Guantanamo detainees (Rasul vs. Bush) and Scott Portman, who is working on projects in Iraq including torture treatment services, detention monitoring and legal assistance. The panelists tried to define torture and shared either their personal experience of torture or their experiences with torture victims, explaining why they feel torture is immoral, illegal, and ineffective. The moderator of the forum Dori Dinsmore, director of the Midwest Regional Office of Amnesty International USA, highlighted how students and individuals can get involved in condemning and preventing torture. The session ended with questions from students, community members and faculty.

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