CAIR-Chicago Co-Sponsors Community Immigration Briefing Session

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), along with many co-sponsors including CAIR-Chicago, held a community briefing session on current immigration legislation in the United States Senate at Truman College on Monday, April 10 which was also the National Day of Action for immigrant rights. Representatives from different ethnic and religious communities throughout the Chicagoland area stood in solidarity and spoke out for comprehensive immigration reform. Emphasis was placed on the need to make the struggle for immigrant rights a strong platform in the political arena. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky addressed an excited crowd about her promise to stand for all that is right and moral. Keynote speakers Congressman Louis Gutierrez and Senator Dick Durbin received standing ovations for taking a proactive stance on immigrant rights, advocating for a path to citizenship and reuniting families.

With the current heated debate on immigration nationally, many civil rights and immigrants’ rights organizations are taking steps to educate the public and mobilize the community.

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