Call State’s Attorney and Mayor to Urge Drop of Charges for Muslim Girl Whose Hijab was Ripped Off at an Immigrant’s Rights Protest

CAIR-Chicago is urging everyone to call the State’s Attorney and the Mayor of Arlington Heights and tell them that you support the Anti-Minutemen 5, and that the charges should be dropped. No one should be prosecuted for peacefully protesting. Additionally, please voice your concern over the inappropriate treatment of the only hijab-wearing Muslim at the protest. Below is the contact information of the State’s Attorney’s Office and the mayor of Arlington Heights:

State’s Attorney’s Office: 847-818-2326

Arlene Mulder
Mayor of Arlington Heights

We need hundreds of phone calls to go out in the next 6 days!! Please call everyday and encourage all the people you know to do the same. Information on the case is below:

CAIR-Chicago is urging everyone to respond to an egregious case of police misconduct against Rehana Khan, a Muslim girl who had her headscarf (hijab) ripped off after she and several others were arrested while protesting at a rally for immigrant rights. Rehana was also searched in the presence of a male officer and placed into lockup without her hijab.

The 5 protestors who were arrested (now known as the Anti-Minutemen 5) are activists who were arrested in Arlington Heights on October 15, 2005 at a peaceful protest against a racist, anti-immigrant vigilante group called the Minutemen. They are now facing trumped up charges and up to 4 years in jail.

With only a few days left until trial for the Anti-Minutemen defendants, we need to flood the State’s Attorney and Mayor’s offices with phone calls —

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