Urgent – Please Take 2 Minutes for Free Muslim TV

Dear Friends:

Please take just 2 minutes to contact Comcast Cable via www.comcast-Islamophobia.com

In the Midwest, Comcast Cable is charging $180 a year for Bridges TV. And in Chicago Comcast is refusing to carry Bridges TV on basic cable. Fortunately, Muslim TV is FREE on basic cable in Chicago on:

WOW Cable & Internet: 866.496.9669
Globecast Satellite: 888.988.5288

Please ask Comcast Cable to add FREE Bridges TV by May 15th. A historic FBI & Muslim Town Hall meeting will take place on Muslim TV on May 15th. Bridges TV is educating and informing America about the Muslim World and American Muslims 24×7 in English.

Please do NOT let the Islamophobia at Comcast silence our Voice. We urgently need a TV network next to CNN and FOX that can present the Muslim / Arab prespective in English on issues from Danish cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to Dubai Ports.

Please take TWO MINUTES to contact Comcast at www.comcast-Islamophobia.com and call 248.233.4728 / 248.233.4735

In these times of confusion and misinformation, working to build bridges of understanding is a most worthwhile endeavor.

Ahmed Rehab
Executive Director, CAIR-Chicago

– END –