WBBM Newsradio: CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Comments on Potential Military Action Against Iran — Listen here

Part I – 2MB (0:41)

Part II – 394K (0:09)

“…CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab says if the US were to go into Iran it would only destabilize an already volatile region..”

“…Rehab says with the war in Iraq these considerations need to be considered very carefully; ‘I hope that military action does not happen at all I think there are diplomatic venues that haven’t been exhausted and we need to put in the process also the European Union, United Nations..we would be very concerned if the United States were to initiate military action against Iran because it would destabilize an already very volatile region'”

…Rehab says the US should not be acting unilaterally.”

Jennifer O’Neill WBBM Correspondent

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