Show Solidarity with the International Worker’s Day March


Currently pending on the United States Senate’s agenda is the issue of comprehensive immigration reform. Legislation to enforce immigration laws, additional and more stringent regulations, and the systematic denial of due process are all included in the agenda, under the current bill being considered, S. 2454.

S. 2454, the Senate version of HR 4437 which criminalizes undocumented presence in the United States, as well as those who help them, targets all Americans, regardless of race. Title II provisions in the proposed legislation seek to take away the basic right to due process by limiting judicial review; grants DHS and other authorities the ability to detain individuals indefinitely; and opens the gateway to the discriminatory practice of racial profiling by granting local law enforcement agencies the ability to enforce national immigration laws.

Individuals all over the country, documented and undocumented alike, are joining together to demand comprehensive immigration reform and relief for millions of people. Join the immigration movement on May 1, 2006 as Chicago marches for Immigrants’ rights. Stand in solidarity with people of all races and nationalities because immigration legislation does not just affect one group; it affects everyone!

What: International Worker’s Day Immigration March
When: May 1, 2006 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Where: Grant Park

For more information, contact Governmental Relations Coordinator Sadiya Ahmed at or at 312-212-1520

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