CAIR-Chicago Fights for Immigrant Rights

After mass demonstrations by the immigrant and minority communities, the Senate passed its version of immigration reform legislation. The final vote, 62-36, came after several months of heated debate from both sides. Though the bill includes some good provisions such as a path to legalization for millions of undocumented individuals, an increase in family and employment visas, and the possibility of legalization for students, it also has some potentially harmful provisions. Such provisions include indefinite detention, enforcement of immigration laws by local police, stricter requirements for citizenship, and a universalized ‘watch’ list.

The House version (HR 4437) and the Senate version (S.2611) are drastically different. Some House and Senate members will meet during the year, in the Conference Committee, to strike a deal that both Houses of Congress can agree on. There is no set deadline and Republicans and Democrats face opposition. The time to influence immigration reform legislation is now by demanding that comprehensive immigration that does not place limitations on people.

CAIR-Chicago, in collaboration with the Asian American Caucus, Indo-American Center, Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights, and other organizations, is initiating a massive postcard campaign throughout the metropolitan Chicago area to galvanize support for comprehensive immigration reform in Asian, ethnic communities and Muslim communities. The postcards will, at the end of the campaign, be delivered to congressional representatives at their offices.

To participate in the postcard campaign or for more details, contact Governmental Relations Coordinator, Sadiya Ahmed at

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