Don’t Confuse the Accused With Muslims

In response to the Chicago Tribune article
FBI: Sears Tower targeted

In response to the article, “FBI: Sears Tower Targeted” (June 23), I would like to commend the FBI for taking the steps necessary to secure our nation, resulting in the apprehension of seven members of the “Sea of David” cult. It is worth noting, however, that the actions and beliefs of these cult members stray greatly from that of the Islam practiced by the Muslim citizens of this country.

Though they are accused of being Muslims, their aspirations to destroy public buildings, kill civilians and commit acts of terrorism is directly opposed to the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad. Islam forbids such senselessness and organizations like Al-Qaeda only malign the religion’s legacy of peace.

It is becoming increasingly clear, however, that these individuals were not even Muslim. Some were financially and socially troubled children with no means to buy boots let alone carry out a successful plot to topple the Sears Tower. Their friends and family talk about how they studied the “Bible” and referred to their place of worship as a “Temple.”

Their assumed link to Al-Qaeda is through an informant who is not actually a FBI agent. The informant worked to illicit these “confessions.” One can easily imagine that a group of misguided youth would be willing to do or say anything if promised an escape from their difficult lives, made insufferable by unemployment, debt and confusion.

Whatever comes out of these young men, we should all remember that, in no way are their actions representative of the millions of Muslims living peacefully within the United States.