Mixing Politics, Nationality and Religion

In response to the Chicago Tribune article: “Mixing politics, education in Bosnia”

A recent article, “Mixing politics, education in Bosnia,” (World, June 25) in the Chicago Tribune bothered me quite a bit.

While the article referred to Croat people as “Croats” and Serbian people as “Serbs,” it never seemed to fail in it’s reductionism of Bosnians as simply “Muslims.” So where is the problem? There is no problem with being a Muslim, but if we talk about a people in terms of nationality we should use the proper expressions to address them within such contexts, rather than characterize them in religious terms that contribute to the false understanding that Muslims are a global monolith.

It would seem as if journalists like Tom Hundley refuse to accept that a Bosnian may be Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox, or any other religion. Please, show us respect and call us as what we are. We are all Bosnians, regardless of the religion we ascribe to.