CAIR-Chicago Meets with Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.

CAIR-Chicago Governmental Relations Coordinator Sadiya Ahmed, along with CIOGC representative Farid Al-Taqi, Imam Haj Ibrahim from the Mosque of Umar and 50th Ward candidate Salman Aftab, met with Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. on Thursday, July 6, 2006 at Congressman Jackson’s office.

During the meeting the Congressman stated that the rumors for his intent to run for the City of Chicago Mayor were simply rumors. He has no such intent currently and is not sure what his political future is.

Congressman Jackson Jr. serves a large constituency in the second congressional district, where he was elected eleven years ago. Congressman Jackson Jr. also emphatically expressed his interest in working with the Muslim community and for civil rights overall, telling the group that his he is cognizant of the numerous problems faced by the American Muslim community post 9/11. He further stated that “there is no such thing as Muslim civil rights or African civil rights. It is all a general right.”

The current immigration reform debate was also discussed as well as racial profiling. Congressmen Jackson Jr.’s office expressed their keen interest in working with CAIR-Chicago and other organizations for such issues of social justice.

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