CBS 2: Captured Israeli Soldier's Wife Pleads For Peace (Transcript/Video)

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Jim Williams: In Lebanon rockets rained down on parts of Beirut. 5 members, 1 family were killed in their home in an Israeli air strike. Tonight the violence in the Middle East took center stage at a Fundraiser on Chicago’s north side. CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov was there when the family of one of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers spoke out, Dana the soldier’s family is hoping publicity will prompt his release.

Dana Kozlov: Jim, Ehud Goldwasser family was here clearly because they’re doing everything they can to help their loved one, but they are also publicly calling for an end to the devastation overseas.

Karnit Goldwasser: An end for me is…stop the war, and bring them back home.

Dana Kozlov: It’s been 25 days since Karnit Goldwasser’s husband has been captured by Hezbollah. Ehud Goldwassser and another Israeli soldier were kidnapped July 12th, as he was finishing his last hours of reserve duty. Many believe the kidnappings were the catalyst for the current Mideast violence.

Karnit Goldwasser: We came to talk through the media. Maybe we can ask from Hezbollah, from wife of Hezbollah, to help me as a wife, wife to wife, to bring me a message that my love, my soul mate, my precious is still alive.

Dana Kozlov: Tonight, Goldwasser and Ehud’s parents were in Chicago to share their stories at a fundraiser for Jewish relief efforts and education. Goldwasser’s family even met with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert about finding a solution.

Shlomo Goldwasser: I believe they are doing the maximum to bring them back and taking into account all the possibilities, all the options, even exchanging prisoners or whatever.

Dana Kozlov: Since mid-July hundreds of Israeli and Lebanese residents have been killed, over a million displaced by the violence between Israel and Hezbollah. Ahmed Rehab, of the Council for Islamic Relations, called the situation tragic but believes Israel shoulders much of the blame.

Ahmed Rehab: We are in no way supporting Hezbollah’s shelling of northern Israel, we are in no way supporting the death of civilians on the Israeli side, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

Dana Kozlov: Goldwasser’s family met with Israel’s Prime Minister before their trip here. But tonight they also met with Israel’s Counsel General and Congressmen Mark Kurk and Jan Schakowsky, in a private meeting Jim, about the situation in Israel and in Lebanon.

Jim: Alright, thank you Dana

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