Charges Withdrawn in Racial Profiling Case

CAIR-Chicago’s Volunteer Attorney Rima Kapitan went to court for matters involved in a racial profiling case. The case involves a taxi driver who was pulled over by the police. Upon pulling the driver over, officers then proceeded to take out their guns, cuff him, and take him in. He was detained for 7 hours and insulted profusely. His cab was towed and the officers would not tell the driver what the charges were against him.

The taxi driver had his chauffeur’s license permanently revoked and was charged with multiple counts from the city, including reckless driving and abusive behavior.

During the court proceedings, 2 of the charges against the driver were dismissed during cross examination of a police officer due to discrepancies in the officer’s statement.

There is only 1 count left pending against the defendant, which is being appealed in court this Thursday. CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Heena Musabji, Volunteer Attorney Rima Kapitan and Civil Rights Intern Sarah Terman have been working tirelessly on the case.

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