Huntley’s Standard for Restraint is Ludicrous

In response to the Chicago Sun-Times article: “The civil war you should worry about”

I found Steve Huntley’s glorification of Israel’s “restraint” in its war against Lebanon to be both ludicrous and offensive. In his Aug 17th editorial, “[t]he civil war you should worry about,” Huntley contends that Israel should be commended for its practice of restraint, because had it not done so, the streets in Lebanon “would have flowed with blood.” Huntley’s standard for restraint is about as low as Genghis Khan’s. According to most news sources, over 800 civilians have been

killed by Israeli attacks, nearly half have been children. This toll will rise as more bodies buried under rubble are found. In addition,

due to Israel’s indiscriminate air raids on Lebanon’s civilian infrastructure, it will take over $2 billion and 10 years to fully repair the damage that was inflicted. That kind of carnage against civilians hardly spells restraint.

Huntley called U.N. Human Rights Council’s condemnation of Israel “perverse, grotesque, and profoundly dishonest.” However, these words better describe Huntley’s blind support of Israel.