Thank CBS 2 Reporters for Supporting Muslims in Chicago

On Thursday, August 10, CBS 2 News aired a segment entitled “Muslim Community Reacts To Scrutiny”, after which reporter Jon Duncanson and anchors Jim Williams and Sylvia Perez ended the segment with the following conversation:

Duncanson: “Now many from the Muslim community told us they feel the problem comes in large part from media commentators of the extreme right wing and internet bloggers who they feel tend to portray all Muslims with the brush used to portray “so called Islamic extremists.” They are tired of it and they are trying to get out from under that portrayal, but every time something like this happens it’s just very hard to be a Muslim American, I mean they can’t seem to get out from under that.”

Gomez: “That must just be so difficult for them every day, I mean they must be hanging with their fists clenched waiting for something to happen,”

Duncanson: “Well so many [times] you’ve heard [them say] it before, [terrorists] are not Muslim, they’re not religious..”

Williams: “They condemn these plots,”

Duncanson: “Yeah exactly”

Gomez: “Well let’s hope that other people take notice of that and don’t take it out on them,”

Duncanson: “Yeah”

Gomez: “Thank you much, Jon”

Please take a moment to call or leave comments via the CBS 2 website to thank Joe Duncanson, Sylvia Gomez, and Jim Williams for their support during this difficult time for the Muslim community.

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