CAIR-Chicago in Negotiations with Cook County Sheriff's Office

CAIR-Chicago’s Legal Advisor Maaria Mozaffar has been involved in a series of negotiations with the Cook County Sheriff’s Department concerning a discrimination complaint filed by a Muslim officer of this department.

Four intense meetings have taken place between CAIR-Chicago and the Cook County Sheriff’s General Counsel. The complaint was reported by an officer who filed a complaint against a supervising officer the supervising officer made discriminatory remarks about his religion. However, after going through the proper channels to complain, the officer was reprimanded with notices of misconduct, was transferred to a more inconvenient location, and was moved from the day to the night shift.

CAIR-Chicago has filed a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commision (EEOC), and will continue to participate in the ongoing negotiations with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office.

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