CAIR-Chicago Attorney Conducts Initial Meeting with Opposing Party in Employment Discrimination Case

CAIR-Chicago Attorney Rima Kapitan met with the opposing party regarding a case of employment discrimination. The parties met to exchange some technical equipment used during the course of employment. In addition, the client received overdue payment from the former employer for work he had done.

The Muslim employee reported the incident to CAIR-Chicago after his employer made comments to other employees about wanting to “get rid” of him. The Muslim employee reported that he was constantly being called names by his employer and some co-workers, such as “the maharaja.” Additionally, the employer had stated to the Muslim employee that all of the world’s problems would be solved if Palestine and Iran would be bombed.

After informing his employer that, as a Muslim, he was offended by such comments, the employer reduced his work load until he was no longer making a living wage. A complaint has already been filed with the Chicago Commission on Human Relations.

CAIR-Chicago will continue representing the Muslim man in his employment discrimination case.