Radio Islam: Sultan Muhammad and Amir Haq Interview US Airways National Spokesperon, Evicted Imam

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National debate sparked concerning religious and racial profiling of American Muslims following the detainment of 6 Imams and the subsequent refusal of US Airways to allow the men to rebook flights to their destination, despite having cleared FBI security screenings on Monday November 20th.

Imam Omar Shaheen, spokesperson for the 6 Imams, and the national spokesperson for US Airways, Andrea Rader, were interviewed by Amir Haq and CAIR-Chicago Communications Coordinator, Sultan Muhammad, for Radio Islam.

The show aired in Chicago on Saturday November 25th, with Andrea Rader’s interview pre-recorded due to scheduling conflicts. During the interview Imam Omar Shaheen commented on Rader’s statements and voiced resolve concerning the profiling and discrimination toward Muslims in America, stating “enough is enough.”

Saturday night’s interview proved to be highly revealing. Andrea Rader, US Airway’s national spokesperson, tells Radio Islam, we “messed up,” the incidents were “unfortunate,” and we are “very sorry that these gentlemen felt that they had been treated in an undignified or unfair way.”

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