CAIR-Chicago Legal Advisor Meets with Local Police to Discuss Case

CAIR-Chicago Legal Advisor Maaria Mozaffar met with the police chief of a local police department to discuss a matter that arose when two Muslim men were stopped by a local police officer.

The Muslim men were stopped after shopping at a department store, and accused of stealing even after they had provided proof that they had not stolen any merchandise.

The men were given the option of filing a formal internal complaint or having a direct meeting with the police officer involved in the incident. The men chose to have a direct meeting with the police officer where they will present their issues.

The issues presented will be recorded and placed in the officer’s file as an informal complaint. Further, the police chief verified that the officer was responding to a call from employees at the department store, indicating the men were racially profiled by store employees.

CAIR-Chicago will follow up with the department store regarding the issue.

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