Chicago-Tribune Raises the Bar on Community Reporting

In response to the Chicago-Tribune article: “Islam’s diverse faces take center stage”

In these times of turmoil it is all too common to hear voices of fear and hatred shouting the loudest. That is why it made me so happy to read Margaret Ramirez’s excellent article, “Islam’s diverse faces take center stage” (6/22/07). It was a refreshing change to hear a voice of reason showing the positive face of this beautiful religion. Everything from the enlightening quotations from Lupe Fiasco to the history of the “Takin’ it to the streets” festival shed light on a religion that is much maligned today.

It is important to remember that the vast majority of Muslims believe that Islam preaches celebration of difference and the unity of the human spirit. The fact that most Muslims teach peace over war must not be overshadowed by the overwhelmingly negative media representations of Islam. It is through festivals such as “Takin’ it to the Streets” that the central message of Islam is seen. I would like to commend Ms. Ramirez and the Chicago Tribune for showing that Muslims truly are “standing right next to you…in every form and every color.”