CAIR Hosts Speaking Sessions and Booth at ISNA Convention

This past Labor Day weekend CAIR participated in the 43rd Annual ISNA convention, the largest for Muslims in North America.

CAIR officials took part in panels discussing a wide array of topics. Parvez Ahmed gave a speech to a packed audience entitled “Addressing the Root Causes of Terrorism” in which he spoke about the sociopolitical causes of terrorism. Other speeches by CAIR officials included, “The Art of Being Interviewed,” “From the Margins to the Mainstream: Effective Outreach,” and a discussion on the 2008 election “Election 2008: Understanding Changing Political Landscape and Participating in National Agenda.”

The CAIR booth was constantly busy as the community stopped by to sign up to the new membership drive, offer support, and learn more about the work CAIR does nationwide.

CAIR-Chicago volunteer is ready to welcome ISNA Convention

CAIR-National Executive Director Nihad Awad is interviewed

Volunteers share fliers with booth visitors

CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights PILI Fellow, Tawfiq Ali

CAIR-Chicago Governmental Affairs Coordinator, Sadiya
Ahmed (right)

CAIR-National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper enjoys a
free moment

CAIR-National Coordinator Yaser Tabbara (left) and CAIR-Chicago
Staff Attorney, Rima Kapitan, chat together

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab (left), speaks with
a community member

CAIR-Chicago Board President Safaa Zarzour (left) and Yaser

From left: Ibrahim Hooper, Dina Rehab, Christina Abraham, and
Khalid Iqbal

From left: Hussam Alyoush, Parvez Ahmed, Safaa Zarzour,
Yaser Tabbara, Ahmed Bedier, Ahmed Rehab, Nihad Awad,
and Ibrahim Hooper

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