Dare to Not Bare: Thank you for Burqini Feature

In response to the Chicago-Tribune article: “Burqa at the Beach”

Goering’s piece on the new Australian Burqini’ was an eye-opener even for an already modesty-minded Muslim woman such as myself (*a burqa is a loose outer robe that some Muslim women wear to cover their bodies or heads). A spinoff of the word burqa and bikini, it’s swimwear that allows the entire body to remain clothed.

It seemed almost heartbreaking to live in front of a community club pool and not be able to dip into the cool water during a hot summer. This new swimwear is in line with my religious beliefs, protects me from harmful sun rays and stings, and is even being embraced by modesty-minded women of other faiths.

It certainly won’t allow me to fit in with the other “just the bare essentials” suits crowding most beaches—and it’s about time!