Christina Abraham Promoted to Civil Rights Director

Feature 201CAIR-Chicago’s board and staff would like to congratulate Christina Abraham, CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights Coordinator, on her much deserved promotion to the position Civil Rights Director.

In her new role, Christina who leads CAIR-Chicago’s blossoming Civil Rights department – composed of herself, staff attorneys, and law clerks – will take on larger duties and responsibilities in shaping the future of the department she has helped to build.

“Christina has been with us from day one,” said Ahmed Rehab, CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director, “but it is not only a question of seniority, promotions at CAIR-Chicago are additionally based on merit.”

“In displaying tremendous leadership, sound judgment, and a superior work ethic, Christina has helped us institutionalize our Civil Rights department.” Rehab said. “CAIR-Chicago and our community are lucky to have top-notch activists such as her working on its side and serving its needs.”

Christina Abraham has been with Chicago for over three years, has a Masters degree from the University of Chicago, and is pursuing a Law Degree at DePaul University. She has recently obtained a 711 license.

“We thank Christina for playing the important role she has played, and wish for her continued success in her new capacity as director,” Safaa Zarzour, CAIR-Chicago’s chairman said.

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