CAIR-Chicago on Capitol Hill

Feature 222In an effort to address concerns of the Muslim community, delegates from CAIR-Chicago recently visited Capitol Hill with CAIR members from across the nation. A number of state offices and senators were engaged to discuss citizenship delays, racial profiling, food shortages, interfaith relations, and law enforcement relations. CAIR-Chicago spoke with senatorial staff from Senator Obama, Congressman Roskam, and Senator Durbin’s office and also had the opportunity to speak with Congressman Davis.

Government Affairs departments from multiple CAIR chapters helped to organize the nationwide move to address these concerns and issues. Each Government Affairs chapter is responsible for ensuring that a community’s voice is being heard by the appropriate representatives. The visit to Capitol Hill is one of the many ways this goal is being reached.

In addition to gaining the support of local and national representatives, the Government Affairs department recently released the Civic Participation Guide as a part of a “Do Your Part” voting initiative.The campaign promotes active civic participation and public education of the American-Muslim community on subjects such as civil rights and electoral candidates.

CAIR is the largest advocacy group for social justice and civil rights on behalf of American-Muslims with over 33 chapters around the country.