Leslie Marshall Show: CAIR-Chicago on "Coalition to Ground Boeing Torture Flights" and the Rachael Ray "Kaffiya" Uproar

LISTEN: Christina Abraham of CAIR-Chicago on “Coalition to Ground Boeing Torture Flights” and the Rachel Ray “Kaffiya” Uproar
24:14 min

CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham discusses the work of the “Coalition to Ground Boeing Torture Flights” with radio host Leslie Marshall. Allegedly, flights have been used to transport CIA detainees suspected of terrorism to secret prisons in different countries where they are then subject to torture. CAIR-Chicago is a founding member of the coalition and its ongoing efforts.

Abraham also discusses the incident in which a Rachael Ray Dunkin Donuts advertisement was removed after complaints that the kind of scarf Ray wore, called the kaffiya, offers symbolic support for terrorism. “Some people do dehumanize Arabs and Arab culture in order to justify racist attitudes against them” said Abraham. “It is completely ridiculous.”

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