Discrimination Case Against Macy’s Moves Forward

Feature 249The Illinois Department of Human Rights recently re-instated a discrimination for public accommodation case involving a local Macy’s and two men of Arab origin. The men were shopping at Macy’s, when, shortly after leaving the store they were pulled over by Oak Brook police. The men believe they may have been singled out because they were speaking Arabic.

The officer, who received a call from mall security, used inappropriate language and accused the men of using a fake credit card and stealing merchandise. After having to provide the receipt, products, identification, and the credit card itself, the officer let the men go.

CAIR-Chicago filed a complaint on behalf of the men and conducted a meeting with the police chief. The officer issued a verbal apology for his language and for acting on faulty information from the mall security.

After an initial fact finding, an IDHR investigator dismissed the case. The investigator claimed the men were not denied full access because they ended up buying products. In a recent reversal, though, the case was re-instated. IDHR asked Macy’s why it took them five months to respond despite a 60 day deadline.

While the courts are waiting for Macy’s to explain their delay, CAIR-Chicago continues to defend the rights of the men.

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