Letter was Misguided & Shouldn’t Have Run

Feature 255In response to Morris Daliy Herald article: “MDH should research Islam”

Larry Nickels letter, “MDH Should Research Islam” (Morris Daily Herald, Sept. 17) is an example of how ignorance incites hate. But while Nickels opinion is one that is sadly misguided, it is even more unfortunate that the Morris Daily Herald would run the piece. By doing so, the Morris Daily Herald managed to denigrate the entire religion of Islam.

The hysterical letter categorically defamed an entire world religion by associating its prophet with unholy terrorism. The deviant outlaws that commit terrorism are not what define Islam, yet Nickels allows them to be. When a letter renders a hostile, paranoid view of an entire religious group in America, it’s just plain bigotry. The Islam that was practiced by its prophet and by the vast majority of Muslims today is unchanged; it is a religion that condemns violence and promotes peace.

The letter implies that Muslims in America refuse to adapt to the American “way of life” by choosing to practice their faith so openly, but what Nickels fails to see is that Islam and America can and do co-exist, as I and seven million other proud American Muslims are proof.

Admittedly, Larry Nickels’ limited and inaccurate knowledge of Islam may be why he would write such defamatory remarks about the religion, but the Morris Daily Herald’s decision to run the piece is an example of failure to apply basic journalistic standards.