LISTEN: Anti-Apartheid Hero Reflects on Struggle for Human Rights

Ahmed KathradaEarlier this month, CAIR-Chicago was honored to host social justice advocate Ahmed Kathrada at the downtown office and introduce him to the organization’s initiatives to build a stronger civic society and a more vibrant democracy.

As a leader of the South African liberation struggle against Apartheid rule, Kathrada is an important voice in the continued work to ensure human rights worldwide. He is one of the famous Rivonia trialists who was imprisoned for 26 years for his political activism and his efforts to establish democracy in South Africa. After his release from prison in 1989, Kathrada held many distinguished offices and was appointed as adviser to President Mandela in 1994.Ahmed Kathrada with CAIR-Chicago

Listen to excerpts from human rights leader Ahmed Kathrada as he sits with CAIR-Chicago members and discusses lessons to be drawn from South Africa’s anti-Apartheid movement.

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