Obama, Please Follow the Congressional Democrats’ Lead

chicago tribuneDear Tribune,

A wave of hope flowed through me after I read, “Democrats may probe secret CIA program” in your July 13 issue. I am glad that some of the Democratic lawmakers are planning to dig deeper into the CIA’s practices and the Bush Administration’s counter-terrorism methods.

But I wished that the digging had started sooner. I hoped that, once he is in office, Barack Obama to make more of an effort to discover the truth about the Bush Administration’s involvement in the inhumane methods used by the CIA. But so far, not much has been done.

That is unacceptable. Those where involved in the unlawful capture and brutal torture of detainees must be held accountable. President Obama, we need you to launch a thorough investigation and find those who are responsible.


Nicholas Short

Communications Intern


28 E. Jackson Blvd., Suite 1700

Chicago IL, 60604