100 people, 30 dishes, 20 cuisines at CAIR-Chicago's Office Iftar! [PHOTOS]

Hello all!

On behalf of the staff of CAIR-Chicago, I’d like to thank you for attending our Taste of Ramadan iftar and cook-off at our downtown office, making it one of the most enjoyable and successful experiences of the year. We were delighted to host over 100 guests to relish in more than 30 dishes representing 20 countries and cultures from all over the world (see menu below). In fact, there were so many dishes we were able to donate trays of food to a homeless shelter in Pilsen.

Amazingly, while this iftar was rich in quantity and quality, it cost the organization close to nothing thanks largely to the generosity, creativity, and hard work of our staff, their families, and our friends who contributed the dishes.

Most importantly, we want you to know that we are here to be of service and in partnership with you, standing up for civil rights and social justice through advocacy and grassroots activism.

Oh, and the pictures of the dishes should serve as a warning for you not to miss our Taste of Ramadan event next year! If you missed it this year, make sure to RSVP next time and come taste the world.

P.S. Look out for our next open house date before then.

Check out the Taste of Ramadan cook-off Iftar photos in our Flickr Photo Album:

To learn more about CAIR-Chicago, visit www.cairchicago.org

Warm regards,
Gerald Hankerson, Outreach Coordinator


1. Dolma (Iraq) Christina
2. Stuffed Peppers & Onions (Iraq) Christina
3. Spinach Quiche (Germany-France) Rabya
4. Meat Pies (Palestine) Hiba
5. Cheese Pies (Palestine) Hiba
6. Spinach Pies (Palestine) Hiba
7. Tortilla Chips (Mexico) Kim and Kamil
8. Naan (India) Amina
9. Pita (Mediterranean) Nizam

Fruits & Salads
1. Dates (Mediterranean) Tawfiq
2. Watermelon (US-Africa)
3. Fruit Chaat (India) Amina
4. Avocado-Mexicorn Salad (Mexico) Kim and Kamil
5. Pasta Salad (Italy) Christina
6. Fattoush (Lebanon) Christina

1. Rice Pilaf (Armenia) Armensue and Kevin
2. Rice Pilaf w. Raisins & Nuts (Egypt) Ms. Rehab (Ahmed’s mom)
3. Maftoul w. Chicken (Palestine) Reema
4. Chicken Frontier (India) Amina
5. Kufta (Assyria) Christina
6. Borek (Turkey) Dina
7. Coconut Chicken (Indonesia) Dina
8. Nihari (India) Nizam

1. Peach Cobbler (US) Gerald
2. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Canada) Dina
3. Marzipan Stollen (Germany) Tauseef
4. Almond Butter Stollen (Germany) Tauseef
5. Mango Mousse Cake (US)
6. Decadent Chocolate Cake (US) Assia
7. Chocolate Fudge Cake (US)
8. Chocolate Trifle (England) Reema
9. Swiss Brownies (Switzerland) Dina
10. Chocolate Pecan Bars (US) Rabya
11. Seven-layer Bars (US) Daniah
12. Baklava (Mediterranean)

1. Pop/Soda assorted (US) CAIR-Chicago
3. Ice (Earth) CAIR-Chicago