Chicago Tribune: Olympics positives

Chicago TribuneI have been disappointed with the generally negative coverage of the Chicago 2016 Olympics bid by the Chicago Tribune. The Tribune oddly seems to see the glass one-quarter empty rather than three-quarters full. The Tribune ought to report on some of the amazing Chicago stories that take place daily as a result of the bid.

In a rare display of bringing communities together, corporate funders, ethnic and faith leaders, and grass-roots communities are all working together for one common goal: promoting Chicago’s versatility and diversity.

I strongly support the bid, which is privately funded (no taxpayer funding). I believe it will bring Chicago a boom in tourism, jobs and prestige. Taxpayers are protected from overages by billions in private insurance money. The city’s financial guarantees are only there because the International Olympic Committee requires it.

— Ahmed M. Rehab, executive director, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Chicago

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