Daily Herald: Survey proves bias stem from ignorance

Thank you for printing your Sept. 10 article “Survey: Muslims facea lot of bias,” featuring a Pew Research Center study on growing tolerance by Americans toward Muslims.

This piece brings awareness to the fact that Muslims all over America have often been victims of discrimination.

It is unfortunate that Muslims have, in the past few years, faced such aggression from fellow American citizens, especially when, according to the study, “(Muslims) are decidedly American in their outlook, values and attitudes.”

The study states that “those most familiar with Islam were least likely to link the religion with violence” and that those who have interacted with Muslims regularly look upon them most favorably. This proves that bias and bigotry stem from ignorance. It is therefore imperative that people get involved in interfaith programs and joint community projects.

It is good to hear that Americans are becoming more knowledgeable about Islam and are slowly starting to acknowledge that Islam condemns violence. It is reassuring for Muslims to hear that bias levels in America are declining. It provides hope for a future in which they will be considered just as American as the next person. Thank you, again, for this positive article.

Nadia Ahmed

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