Gov. Affairs Coordinator Reema Ahmad Speaks at Award Ceremony Honoring Gov. Quinn, Illinois Leaders

CAIR-Chicago Government Affairs Coordinator Reema Ahmad spoke this week at the 2009 Illinois Committee for Honest Government’s (ICHG) Distinguished Service Awards Reception. Local government officials, candidates, and political enthusiasts filled the Croatian Cultural Center on Sunday, October 11, to recognize officials within Illinois that have exceeded the duties of their offices, bettered the communities in which they operate, or worked towards justice for society at large.

For the first time in the history of the organization, ICHG honored a sitting governor when it presented a Distinguished Service Award to Governor Quinn. Among his many other actions that contributed to this honor, Quinn establishment the Illinois Reform Commission to promote fairness, honesty, transparency, and accountability in statewide government.


The Illinois Committee for Honest Government seeks to reform and improve election laws and procedures while monitoring good practices and accountability at all levels of government in Illinois.

ICHG Chairman Tony Joyce described those honored at this year’s Reception as “individuals who have earned our respect…[displaying] a willingness to work hard in their own way to serve the people and a determination to get things done.”

Other honorees at the Reception included First Municipal District Circuit Court Judge Anthony Burrell, Elmhurst Mayor Peter DiCianni, 2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti, Former State Representative Ruth Munson, Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner Debra Shore, and Nand Kapoor, a Community Service Officer for Cook County.

Reema Ahmad congratulated these officials and community advocates for the service they have provided to their constituents and the people of Illinois at large. “Too often doing an honest job or working to resolve some injustice is ignored by those in positions of power and influence,” emphasized Ahmad, “the work these individuals and numerous others in our communities throughout the state are doing is to be commended and emulated by us all.” Ahmad went on to encourage those elected officials present to approach their Muslim constituents, who are likewise becoming increasingly involved in the political arena and are ready to work for equality and accountability in their government.