Communications Coordinator Amina Sharif presents at UIC

uicCAIR-Chicago Communications Coordinator Amina Sharif delivered a presentation to students at the University of Illinois at Chicago on December 1 to discuss media relations and non-profit activism.  Sharif spoke to a media and professional writing class in which most of the students aspire to follow the same career path as her after their graduation.

Sharif discussed CAIR-Chicago’s work to combat religious discrimination and promote religious tolerance, and explained how media plays a critical role in that effort.  She described how CAIR-Chicago serves as a resource to journalists and news producers by offering them support and expert analysis as they develop their news reports.   She also elaborated on the organization’s media monitor programs and proactive efforts to challenge biased and bigoted views presented in news media.

Students asked questions about the various projects Sharif manages as a communications professional at a non-profit organization and tried to gain an understanding of the pros and cons of working as a non-profit activist.

Professor Linda Landis Andrews, who invited Amina Sharif to present commented afterward that Sharif informed the students “of what it takes to be an excellent non-profit practitioner” and “covered the responsibilities and challenges expertly”.

Professor Andrews has asked Sharif to continue to present to her class every semester.