A New & Exciting Partnership Between Us & You

Dear CAIR-Chicago Supporter,

On behalf of CAIR-Chicago, I would like to personally thank you for all the support you have provided this organization over the years. As we approach our 6th Annual Banquet this April 10th, I wanted to introduce to you an important initiative that was launched last fall but whose time has now come: a simple partnership between us that will cost you just $1/day and will make all the difference in the world for the future of the Muslim community in Chicago. Are you ready?

The premise of our Dollar-a-Day Program is simple. If enough people commit to a mere $1/day ($30/month) gift to CAIR-Chicago, all the key projects will have sufficient and steady funding to be seen through successfully.

CAIR Chicago is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Though our projects and services are numerous, diverse, and of great relevance to the well-being of the Muslim-American community and society at large, we do not have a steady source of income to fund our efforts. We do not sell our services, all our work is done pro bono. Consequently, we must depend on the generosity of the friends of CAIR-Chicago to keep the organization up and running.

CAIR-Chicago is a grassroots organization; therefore, it makes full sense for its work to be funded through a grassroots support network.

CAIR-Chicago is composed of 2000 shares. Each share is $1/day. If you become a shareholder for 5, 20, or 100 dollars a day, then you are a holder of 5, 20, or 100 of our 2000 shares respectively.

This is a symbolic program designed only to give the grassroots community ownership of its organization, and to give the organization the financial security it needs and deserves. While there are privileges offered to shareholders such as special shareholder meetings, events, reports and a yearly certificate; there are no extra services given as compensation for your support, every community member is an equal recipient of our services which are given free of charge. Your share is a donation given without strings attached and with only moral profit to you and your loved ones.

Your gift of $30/month or more will go towards:

– Defending, and advocating for, the civil rights of Muslims in America
– Engaging the Media to clear the tarnished name of Islam and improve the image of Muslims
– Involving the Muslim community in the American political process towards securing their full rights
– Outreaching to our fellow Americans, showing them the true nature of Islam & Muslims
– Challenging the bias and sensationalism that targets Muslims – be it from Washington or Hollywood

Each sponsorship counts. Your monthly gift will benefit the image of Islam and the rights of Muslims, and make America a better place.

$1 a day may seem like nothing, but it will go a long way!

Please do not wait, make your secure 1$/day pledge right now!


Ahmed Rehab
Executive Director

Tel: 312-212-1520
Fax: 312-212-1530
E-mail: director@cairchicago.org
Web: http://www.cairchicago.org/dollar-a-day/