Daily Herald: Racial profiling is inappropriate

daily heraldA gracious thank you to Ruben Navarrette, author of, “A missed opportunity against profiling,” for bringing up the importance of addressing racial profiling. I also wished President Obama had condemned racial profiling during his State of the Union address.

This taboo subject has been swept under the rug. Racial profiling has been emotionally and mentally damaging for Muslim Americans. Without strong people speaking out against racial profiling innocent people will continue to be oppressed.

Singling people out because of their ethnicity or religion is wrong. If we want to tighten national security, we should focus on using intelligence more effectively and look out for suspicious behavior.

After all, racial profiling contradicts our Constitutional values and has been proven ineffective as research shows it hasn’t kept Americans any safer.

Frances Boehnlein
Communications intern
Council on American Islamic Relations

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