CAIR-Chicago Pays a Visit to Local Catholic School

On Thursday May 20th, two representatives from CAIR-Chicago visited St. Ignatius college preparatory school to give students a firsthand look into Islam and how it is practiced by Muslims in America. Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson and Communication Coordinator Amina Sharif spoke to two groups of twenty-five freshmen regarding their experiences and perspectives as Muslims. Despite the age of the students, the discussion was filled with relevant topics ranging from current events, theology, and religious freedom.  “I was impressed with how engaging all of the students were, and their intelligence of their questions,” Sharif said.

The presentation was part of the students’ study of world religions, a required class for all freshmen. Teacher Peter Corrigan contacted CAIR-Chicago asking for a member to speak to his class.

CAIR-Chicago would like to thank Mr. Corrigan, his classes, and St. Ignatius for the opportunity to present and hopes to visit again next year.