Chicago Public Radio: Bias Suit Filed Against Illinois State Police

The Chicago branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has filed a bias suit against the Illinois State Police.

Kifah Mustapha was hired as an unpaid chaplain by the Illinois State Police, but his position was revoked shortly after.

Ahmed Rehab is with the Council on American-Islamic Relations
. He says the position was revoked because of a false anti-Muslim blog attacking Kifah.

REHAB: There was nothing that would prevent him from fulfilling this role. Except for the fact that somebody out there wished to smear him and the ISP was either too lazy or incompetent to actually sift through the smears and figure out that they were smears. And instead decided to drop him to avoid any controversy. That’s unacceptable.

A spokesman for the Illinois State Police said the department hasn’t yet seen the suit.