Fox News: Ahmed Rehab and John Gibson Debate the Right to Build a Mosque Near Groud Zero

CAIR-Chicago’s Ahmed Rehab debates Fox News’ John Gibson on the right of New York Muslims to build a mosque in lower Manhattan, a few blocks away from Ground Zero.

Excerpt Below:

“You tell me, what do we – American Muslims, worshiping in our own country have to do with 9/11?” asks Rehab.

“You must recognize that the people who did it, as misguided as they may have been, did it in the name of Islam,” says Gibson.

“Yea they did, not me, so basically they shouldn’t build a mosque near Ground Zero. But we can because we’re Americans and this is our land.” – Rehab

“How about just building it a little further away.” -Gibson

“Why? you have to tell me why? Are you suggesting that we are linked to 9/11?” – Rehab

Listen to the full interview HERE