“Taste of Ramadan” Celebration a Huge Success

On Thursday August 26, CAIR-Chicago hosted its annual “Taste of Ramadan” dinner and iftar to celebrate the Islamic holy month of fasting with the local community.

Iftar is an Arabic word denoting the breaking of the fast during Ramadan and is often done in a community setting.
This year’s iftar was even bigger than the last, with around 200 people showing up to CAIR-Chicago’s downtown office to be greeted with over 30 dishes from 21 different countries. The food represented a wide range of cultures including: the Mediterranean, the Arabian Levant, Turkey, Yemen, Pakistan, Morocco, Palestine, Israel, Algeria, Egypt, India, Senegal, Poland, Austria, France, Spain, and Iran.

CAIR-Chicago staff, interns, friends and family members all generously provided the elaborate appetizers, salads, side dishes, entrees, deserts, and specialty beverages for the event.

Overall, it was a joyful community-building event.

“Taste of Ramadan” was quite a success this year in uniting Muslims and non-Muslims to share in tasty food and lively conversation,” said Gerald Hankerson, CAIR-Chicago Outreach Coordinator and the main organizer of the iftar.  “I can’t wait until next year’s!”